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Request a Free Demo is a cloud-based CRM where it can support more than 800+ applications and it is the most scalable and security CRM in the world and it is used across the globe. Salesforce Integration platform is designed to manage the Organizations data that enables to connect and transform data to perform streamline operations and to improve customer relationships.

With the help of Salesforce Integration, the organizations can integrate various attributes includes data, security layers, business logic and much more to provide efficient and secure business operations. Salesforce Integration Training Course offered by “Surya Techsolve” helps the students to learn on Web Services, SOAP, API, REST API, Programmatic Integrations, XML, Apex Code technology.

Our Salesforce Integration Online and Classroom training focus on custom applications, basic data loading to real-time integration and to implement all types of integrations with the platform. We provide 100% practical training with job assistance and the students are given the 100% complete knowledge on integration over the Salesforce Platform. Our course curriculum is designed by 10+ years of domain experts and it is customized according to student requirements.

Surya Techsolve, the leading training institute in Hyderabad provides Salesforce Integration Online Training, Salesforce Integration Classroom Training and the Salesforce Integration Corporate Training and Certification Program. Enroll Today for Demo Classes! Talk to the Experts and Kick Start Your Career

  • Key Features of Salesforce Integration Training Course
    • 30 Hours of Instructor-led Classroom and Online Training
    • 100% Real-time Hands-on Project Experience
    • 100% Practical Approach
    • 10+ Experienced Certified Trainers
    • Flexible Schedule at Your Own Pace
    • Industry-Specific Scenarios
    • 100% Access to Class Recordings
    • 100% Placement Assistance
    • 24X7 Technical Supports
    • Self-Paced Learning
  • Pre-requisites
    • Having a basic knowledge of any programming language (Core Java)
    • Having knowledge on Cloud Computing
    • Having knowledge on Database Concepts
  • The following professionals are get benefited by learning Salesforce Integration Course
    • Fresh Graduates looking a career in Salesforce
    • APP Developers
    • Software Developers
    • CRM Professionals
    • System Administrators

Salesforce Integration and Web Services Course Curriculum

  • Salesforce Integration Overview
    • Introduction to Integration
    • What is Integration?
    • Types of Integration
      • What is Call?
      • Call-In
      • Call-Out
    • Web Services Overview
    • What is WSDL?
    • Different Methodologies of WSDL
      • Standard WSDL
      • Partner WSDL
      • Enterprise WSDL
      • Custom Apex WSDL
    • XML Overview (XML Stream, XML DOM, XML Parsers)
    • Session Header Vs Session ID
    • What is API?
    • Different Types of API
      • API\
      • Streaming API
      • Bulk API
      • Meta Data API
      • SOAP
      • REST
    • Overview of SOAP
    • Knowledge on Usability of Wrapper Classes in SOAP Call In Integration
    • SOAP Callout Integration
    • Standard WSDL of SOAP Integration
    • Call In Integration using SOAP and WSDL Files
    • Generating APEX Class Code Using Enterprise and Partner WSDL
  • REST API Overview
    • Introduction to REST Call API
    • REST Integration Architecture and Site Settings
    • Creation of REST Methods
    • Generating Consumer Keys used in REST API Callouts
    • REST Web Services
    • REST Annotations
  • HTTP Classes Overview
    • Introduction to HTTP
    • What is HTTP?
    • HTTP Request and Response
    • Implementation of Callouts
    • Unit Test Classes for Callouts
    • Call-out Integration Using REST
    • Call-In Integration Using REST
    • REST APEX Web Services
    • JSON Parser Syntax Concepts
    • Parsing JSON Data and Serialization
    • JSON Parser and JSON De-serialization
  • Integration Tools
    • Workbench (
    • Rest API
  • Mixed DML Errors
    • Advanced Security Concepts
    • Assigning Profiles
    • Sharing rules and Ownership across Organization
    • Creating and Editing Duplicate Rules
    • Duplicate Management Setup
    • Matching Rules
    • Custom Labels and Translation Workbench
    • How to Enable Translation Workbench?
    • Testing SOAP Services and Callouts
    • Testing Rest Services and Callouts
    • Chatter API
    • Streaming API
    • Metadata API
    • Bulk API
    • API Limits

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